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Over the last nine months or so we have been working on a proposal to develop the Birmingham Production Space. The research is led by Ruth Claxton (Eastside Projects), Sean O’Keeffe (Capsule), Alessandro Columbano and Mike Dring (Birmingham School of Architecture).  In it we imagine a new piece of cultural infrastructure, an interdisciplinary workspace with innovation, workshops and space for making at its core.
So far the proposal has been positively received. However, to make the case that investment in affordable, professional workspace and production facilities is essential, we really need to gather evidence, map the current context and find out who is working in the region, where and how they are accessing production facilities or technical skills development.
To this end we have put together a survey which we are hoping you will complete and help circulate to your networks.
This survey aims to map the workspaces, production facilities and skills development that artists, designers, makers, architects and cultural producers based in the West Midlands use or need. We need responses in by Sunday 23 November 2014.
You can complete the survey here:
Thanks in advance for your help – much appreciated.
The BPS Team
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