Zero Carbon: Project Profile

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PROJECT: Zero Carbon Design + Retrofit
COLLABORATOR: BCU Zero Carbon Research Hub
TYPE: Research

This ongoing research project investigates zero carbon design through retro-fit or new-build construction using advanced simulation software to test specific parameters. Students work on case studies of various scales and building types to optimise design strategies to achieve a zero-carbon target in energy efficiency and usage.

There are a number of themes the research concentrates on:
− Thermal Mass: The relationship between thermal mass and occupancy schedules.
− Building Fabric: Insulation and glazing with consideration to internal space
− Regaining thermal mass after internal insulation:
− Day Lighting: achieving a balance between saving on energy and minimizing heat loss
− Low Carbon Technologies
− Occupant’s profiles: Scenarios of different types of users with varied energy consumptions

Dr.Lubo Jankovic, the academic leading this project, has a significant reputation in this field and is able to consult with potential clients to implement design strategies towards achieving a zero carbon output. More information can be found on the MA Zero Carbon course page

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