Workshop at the Birmingham Hippodrome // Rachelle Salazar

The danceXchange is an organisation that organises performing events all over Birmingham. One of the largest event that will be held on Birmingham is the International Dance Festival Birmingham (IDFB). This event is well known for its diversity of cultures as it brings everyone as one. The event starts on 24 April to 25 May.

in one of the days during the event, DanceXchange has organised an event called “All of Birmingham is a Stage” (AOBIAS) and have asked the BCU students to create a stage for the dancers, but also to point out areas in Birmingham that has been neglected and to boost its appearance into something important and useable for the civilians. Within this 4 days event of AOBIAS, the event will be held at the Millennium Point where the art work of the architecture students will be put up for exhibition.

We were given a chance to see one of the choreography of one of the events that will take part called, “Border Tales”. Watching this choreography, it held so much meaning into the choreography but also to the dancers as they have showed so much emotions and meaning into the dance. The plot of the choreography emphasised how people interacts with other races. This has also affected how people look differently with each other depending on the skin colour. The performers are also multi cultured which helped emphasise the narrative better.

As we watched the performance, we have been taking records of the choreography such as taking a video of the performance and taking sketches of the performers. After this, we have been given an opportunity to talk to the clients and dancers to what they actually expect on the stage. Many were saying that space is very important as that is all what the dancers wants. Props are also good to give a boost to the choreography.


These are a few sketches that I’ve done in relation to the dancers. The overlapped sketches emphasise fast movement as a typical dance involves movement within a wide space.

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