Aluminium Tectonics – Benjamin James


Finally, the ‘cross louvre’ design for our solar shading system is complete. It has developed through all stages with initial designs being inspired by the simple experience of walking through a wood. The experience led to the idea of manipulating several horizontal planes to disperse light entering the building and being reflected, as well as framing the views of London.

The difficult task of CNC routing each component of the design to precision accuracy, joining each ‘fin’ by rivets , and then matching each ‘cross louvre’ piece to the correct slot in the end panels took a lot of time and patience. Although, in the end we now have a professionally finished design, constructed securely and to a high standard. All work carried out was with the knowledge learnt from the Ash & Lacy manufacturer whom we visited several times in order to better understand the materials we were using , as well as the processes a rain cladding system or solar shading system involved.

Image Image

Image Image

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