Thursday 27th February

This past week I have rounded up all the missing information, finding it from the internet and emailing the site manager, Tim Botfield and his manager Veronica Barry. I then gave this to Greg for him to add to the presentation, I then told the group there jobs for the day, which were,

Greg – Set the presentation out in the format of text on one side and pictures on the other. Add pictures and my slides to the presentation.

Alston – Finish mapping part, help out towards Mohammed’s section of the mapping, which he didn’t do.

Me – Round up the last bits of information, email Veronica and Tim about anything missing and helping out with Mohammeds missing mapping section.

From this I set out the next steps in the project and who should do which part, these areas were,

  • Introduction
  • Wildlife
  • Ecology
  • Mapping Waterbodies
  • Conclusion

These areas are to be completed by next thursday, with a session to see how people are getting on, on Monday. We are slightly behind schedule due to having to do extra work on the mapping, so we are struggling on time, however we are getting on with it and dealing with only having really 3 people in the group now. 

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