Design development

Our design development over the last 6-8 weeks has changed through many processes and ideas with discussions and workshops over cross year groups. However, you cant underestimate the importance of the client and the users needs. We, as a group spent a fair amount of weeks recording the art and design studios in response to the working patterns and spatial qualities. Taking elements of their working behaviour and movement throughout these space, we devised a strategy which included the introduction of furniture which separated the spaces into workable/teaching areas. This strategy and introduction of certain elements, we thought were suitable, however after our recent meeting with the BAAD space students, we seemed to have ‘over complicated’ our ideas.


The identification of the problems they encountered when wanting to work in the space, we both shared, but the realisation of their ‘needs’ we felt we was trying too hard at giving them too much, when all they wanted was enough space to work on a vertical plane and also areas to introduce  communal and teaching spaces. This in turn would then be an opportunity for the students to take over the blank canvas of a space and make it there own.


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