Jac Doody// Birmingham Central Mosque



Within this section of the BCM project, we have been asked to produce a competition brief that can be sent to architects to create a new vision for the mosque. I have been looking into the use of social and intermediary volumes within religious spaces, such as a cloister in a church or the ziada in a mosque. These functions can form gathering spaces as well as barriers between the sacred sanctum of a religious building and the mundane occurrences that happen beyond its walls. I ask the question, could they be used to form a liaison between the sacred and profane pieces that form the Birmingham Central Mosque. While sketching I was considering height difference as a way to differentiate between the two, with sacred worship space being elevated above the entrance with a wide sweeping staircase connecting the two, almost leaving the profane lifestyle behind for worship to resume. This symbolic item could become a staple within all newly constructed British mosques, creating a typology not seen within mosque design before.

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