Stanley Fu – Aluminium tectonics – Precedent and Idea 1

Before the Interim, everyone was put into groups of 3. The interim started off with with each group presenting what they have learned during the times we met up at ash and lacy’s and the ideas we have come up with for a cladding proposal for the walkie talkie in London, as it has a heating problem with the sun concentrating light onto the sidewalk.

DUO Skyscrapers by Buro Ole Scheeren: Singapore’s historic Kampong Glam district. Source: dezeen
SingaporeTwinTowersDuo_1 SingaporeTwinTowersDuo_2 SingaporeTwinTowersDuo_3

A hexagonal pattern of windows will cover the facades of the towers and floors will step back and forth using a system of cantilevers. Although the hexagonal shape seems to be for aesthetic reasons, the thickness of the cladding will help with solar shading.

Design Ideas 1:

idea 1

idea 1

idea 2

idea 2

The first idea is similar to the Duo skyscraper with a thick rim for the facade. The second idea is similar to the same shape but have included parts which stick out at the top. This is to maximise the amount of views of the London skyline and also to reflect some of the light in a different direction

section to show how light reflects off the facade.

section to show how light reflects off the facade.

The image shows how the light reflects off the parts that sticks out. As the image shows you can see that the amount of light reflected onto the street is reduced

Members in group: Stanley, Kimran, Jagdeep

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