Ross Hetherington // Mid Term Review

Modern Gazetteer has largely worked as a personal exploration of Bournville and its archive of materials, revealing some interesting moments and themes to potentially display in the future at the exhibition.

We have met on three occasions with students of the ‘Arts Based Masters’ at Margaret Street (BCU) art campus. The students of which were doing the same theme for the project with a different brief. The meetings were usually arranged as a small group discussion, talking about your project and how it has developed over the previous weeks with people who are doing a different version of the same task.

The collaboration therefore was initially about learning the differences that the students have taken. This is a reflection on the approaches used in other projects, the architectural student took a largely objective approach looking into the facts and representing it fairly; compared to the arts students who learn a far more subjective approach. This is an interesting dynamic and creates quite a difference between everyone’s work.

It was quite helpful to get a person who has had completely different training and experiences to look at your work; it could get your work to develop in a different and interesting way. Due to my approach of using a statistical method to develop my project, there was little influence other than key precedents for how to display it.

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