Damion Allport//Art &Design Studio Study

Damion Allport//Art &Design Studio Study

After visiting the space on separate occasions I logged the arrangement of the furniture within the rooms and overlaid them to try and get an understanding of how students use the spaces.

I also took photo’s on each occasion that could be combined to show how the internal layout has changed between the visits. This shows as a ghosting of what once was there and has now changed.

You can see that the left hand space is split between lectures and a small break out space and doesn’t seem to deviate from this; whether this is a student choice in this way in working or a tutor choice is unclear.

The right hand space seem to be a multi-use space between general workspace and some lectures; this space seems to be structured by the students.
We can see however that the desks are organised into small groups near the windows leaving a clear path between the doors on the opposite side of the room.

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