Aluminium Tectonics- Jagdeep Sehmar

For our Co.Lab module we are working with Ash & Lacy, who are leading manufacturers and distributors of metal envelope systems. They specialize in a range of roofing, rain cladding systems and architectural fabrications.

Initially we met with the staff of Ash & Lacy and they presented to us about what their company can do, in terms of aesthetics and technical performance. After this we were given a general tour of the process i.e. how a project is handled from the design team, to workshop floor CNC, to finishing.

We were then divided into 3 groups, Design, CNC and Finishing. This was part of our ‘observe and record’ task, to understand in detail about each process. We were given the opportunity to speak to our designated process teams again to get a more in-depth knowledge. I found this most useful as we learnt about the extent to which Ash & Lacy were involved in the design as well as the aesthetic side.

Following gathering this information, each process group presented back to the Ash & Lacy staff, this gave all the groups a chance to look at each process in detail and learn from the feedback given by Ash & Lacy. The feedback given by Ash & Lacy was based around how they could improve efficiency and how important contact time with the client can be on a project.

Most recently we have been given a brief to design a solar shading system for an office building in London, designed by Rafael Vinloy Architects. The reason being the concave glazed south-facing façade is “channeling the sun’s rays into a concentrated beam onto Eastcheap, capable of singeing carpets, blistering paintwork and even melting parts of a car’s bodywork.” Oliver Wainwright, The Guardian, 6th September 2013. So far in groups we have been looking at precedents and getting initial concept ideas of ways to combat this environmental issue.

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