Simon Day | The Medium of the Archive

What role does physical media play within the archive? Paper stock, binding, printing; they all contribute to how the archive is perceived both now and in the future, and how this will eventually lead to a ‘value’ being placed upon it. The archive as a construct has always incorporated physical media within it, the touch and feel of this medium either adding or subtracting from the subjective ‘value’.

Through an exploration of these processes, of my work will become a ‘support structure’ for the work of the unit, creating a publication that can encompass others work and present it on the appropriate media for the individual project. To do this, I will research, create and criticise, experimenting to find methods of production that meet the criteria of the individual. Through this, the end publication will become a wonderfully varied document, both preserving and celebrating the work, and producing an item that takes on a value of its own, more than the sum of its parts.

An item that can be viewed as a ‘mini-archive’, or perhaps the entire archival object in itself, may occur inside or outside the boundaries of the exhibition, but will either way be a microcosm of both the unit and the archive.

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