Esqandar Zulqarnain // Vantage & Heritage

Vantage & Heritage
is a form of a tribute to Bournville’s affluent typologies of architecture from domestic houses to civic buildings. Framed by arts & crafts influenced design, the exhibition is to give the viewer an interactive experience of getting up close to the architectural beauty of Bournville. Abstract and elevational photographs of particular buildings laid back to back gives the viewer an interactive perspective throughout the different points of view on which they can experience. The viewer is able to rotate the photographs to see what lays behind – this gives an experience of looking throughout the buildings in unique perspectives and gives a high level of appreciation throughout Bournville’s architecture. 


The idea behind the exhibition is a large interactive framework to give an overwhelming presence of the artwork. The frames are to be wrought iron and arts & crafts oriented designs – a single bay would form of several shapes and sizes of individual artworks.


An example of arts and crafts wrought iron design


A rough example of the proposed exhibition layout



Example of the individual frames.

Estimated cost for 1 bay (approximate) :

Printing: £130

Wrought iron:  £90.00

Frame: £50

Total: £270


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