David Stone // Modern Contemporary Digital Artists


French contemporary artists François Quévillon is an installation and media artist from Montreal Quebec, Canada. His work explores phenomena of the world and perception through the implementation of processes sensitive to the public’s interference and to the environment’s variable conditions.

His work is interactive and uses perceptions to convey physical places. The  Point Cloud of the Bournville Carillon reproduces my perception in nearly 1:1 at present time in 2013 but how was is perceived shortly after it was built just over a century ago?

Examples of work by François Quévillon:

Projected Point Cloud: http://vimeo.com/30021465

Sonic, visual and tactile interactive installation: http://www.francois-quevillon.com/html/en/node/35

Many Projects: http://www.francois-quevillon.com/html/en/node/200

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