Joanne Yu // BAAD Space – Precedent Study

As a precedent study for the initial stages of this Co.Lab project, I have looked into the ‘Verbandkammer’ by Nilsson Pflugfelder – a London and Berlin based practice focusing on the integration of critical spatial design, architecture, art and discourse. Commissioned by FLACC, this modular container comprises of a multitude of repeated elements, utilised to form a variety of spaces and environments. With general limited information available with regards to the precedent, I liaised with Magnus Nilsson to gain an insight into the more technical understanding of the project.

As a method of further exploration into potential spaces that the modular forms could create, I modelled the project in CAD and experimented with different formations of space, focusing on spaces that could be implemented in a design studio. Precedent study - Verbandkammer - Nilsson PflugfelderPrecedent study - Verbandkammer - Nilsson Pflugfelder2

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