Numan Hassan I Modern Gazetteer

Bottle Dreams

Hal Foster I An Archival Impulse I 2004

Hal Foster’s “An Archival Impulse” is a critical framework of understanding artists’ practice in archival art. The main purpose of archival art is to make historical information, often lost or displayed, physically present. Towards the end an elaboration on the founded image, object, text and favour the installation format. However an archival art is not only draws in informational archives but produces them as well. Archival art placing it’s found materials within a new context, whether with private or public collections, within a new situation so it can be read in its own way by the viewer.

Bottle Dreams I Mary Daniel Hobson

The idea was inspired by a dream whereby gathering photographs and bottling them. The torn edges of the photographs reference the fragmentary nature of memory. Grouped together in sets, the images take on a cubistic quality, emulating how the eye moves through a scene, never quite recording the entire picture.

Bournville In Seal

I intend to explore the relations of mixed media and photography which examines the mutability and fragmentary nature of memory. An archival technique of sealing photographs in bottles which to connect what cannot be connected. It will be a series of photographs which represent Bournville Village Trust through century as a memory reflects to the public.

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