The Public Exhibition Ramp – Vivek Jnagal



The central architectural feature of The Public, called ‘the

ramp’ is being reviewed in the next 6 months. The original

building design was that people would start the gallery (third floor)

journey along the ramp with a number of interactive and

engaging art works.


Possible design features include interactive and static

exhibits on the ramp, develop designs for furniture and

display cases, and design more ‘incidents’ along the ramp.

The students will work closely with the Exhibition Manager,

and Technology Team to contribute to this work. There will

be opportunities to be involved in production of concept

drawings, designs and construction drawings and including


22nd Nov – After a brief introduction and a general tour of the building, Graham had gone on to explain how certain aspects of the build needed altering as they were not fit for purpose, and the form of the interactive Ramp could do with more activities for increasing visitor numbers.


The Ramp needs more activity.

12-13 Co.L intro pres.pdf

Reception and the Box Office are located at the start of the ramp, as you can see visibility is blocked which is why the client wants to relocate the reception in the center of the atrium.

12-13 Co.L intro pres.pdf

A clustered art shop at the start of the ramp. This space can be utilized with more digital art.

Visitors started their journey at the end of the Ramp and made their way upwards as it was easily accessible from the ground floor which defeated the object of starting from Level 3 and making your way down.

There is a lot more opportunity for art work to be displayed on the Ramp at various levels, Dan Kelly had designed a complex balustrade which allowed for fixtures to be added or removed. A number of briefs were dependent on the balustrade system.


A contemporary glass vitrine was required for more space to store art work which was created by youths in onsite workshops. Also there was an opportunity to capitalise on the balustrade system again; in this instance Graham wanted a large canvas structure to display photographic or painted art work.


Option 5 (Set by Graham Peet – Exhibition Manager)  – We  wish to design and cost 2 lockable Perspex or glass cabinets or ‘vitrines’ to stylistically reflect two existing vitrines. They will be positioned on the balustrade in the same area.

 The mini projects which are to be installed on the Ramp were of particular interest to me. We felt at times upon our visit to the Public that there was plenty of room for more interactive art on the Ramp. We had gathered dimensions of parts of the Ramp in order to determine the sizes of the glass/Perspex vitrines and to ensure I meet the client’s demands.


Existing brackets and fixtures which can be used in the proposed design to save on cost.


These brackets will be fixed to the existing balustrade as shown above.


The steel U frame’s are 790mm apart which would enable a vitrine of glass or perspex of 1200mm x 300mm x 250mm.


The laminated timber plank already has a bespoke finish and would hide the caged balustrade from behind  for the display.


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