Selecting Work for inclusion in Publication

During the earlier stages of the project art and design students and architecture students were asked to collaborate to produce work that related to the Tecton structures at Dudley Zoo Gardens. The art and design students were also involved in a parallel module at the time creating further art pieces that related to the Bear Ravine, the most dramatic Tecton structure at the zoo, in more detail.

As part of the installation that will be produced at DZG during the summer a publication will be produced that supports the work and explains how it relates to the Tectons. A small group comprised of two architecture students, one art and design students and two mentors from the independent print-house/publishers ‘An Endless Supply’ will be producing this publication over the next few weeks.chapterpage_recent

Ashley and Dan preparing materials for inclusion in the DZG publication

The process started last week when we met to start selecting the most appropriate works to convey the narrative of the project to be included in the publication. A vast range of artworks, models, videos, mixed media and clothing was produced during the exploratory stage and so far it has taken 3 of us around 6 hours to sift through it all. It has been a really interesting process as we have been able to see all kinds of development work and finished pieces produced by the art and design students. There is some really exciting stuff so watch this space for when the final selection has been made.

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