Open Lecture: Assemble Studio

















Co.lab and the Birmingham School of Architecture invited Anthony Engi Meacock from Assmble studio to provide students with a short presentation on their recent works and design process they employ as a practice.

Whilst the talk was short and sweet, it was clear the level of ambition these former Part 1 students had achieved from what initially started as ‘a chat in the pub’. Assemble are confident in their understanding of how their working model fits in with the rest of the profession and that they take it seriously as any other entrepreneurial venture rather than just showing off their design skills.
Anthony was also quick to point out the role schools need to play in making a statement on how the profession can adapt to current economic and social conditions.

Whilst many pop-up architecture is intended as a creative outlet, Assemble are now using their success to begin to address more pertinent issues of their site as the New Addlington Square project suggests. Here, pop-ups can begin to develop a new level or relevance in attempting to see temporary design as a method of adding legacy beyond the physical construction.

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