Highbury Park – Craig Rigby – 3

Since the last group meeting, the group have been working on our individual designs for what we think the viewing platform should be. My design is a raised platform which goes over the back end of the land which is overgrown and finishes sloped into the pond which would then lead onto a platform which is part of another group members design. I like the thought of adding different height perspectives to the site as I feel this will give the visitors of Highbury Park a different view of the site, added interest with the different levels, but also a more diverse way for users to observe the wildlife of the site. I have also imagined that because the structure would be raised, underneath the structure could be a potential habitation area for wildlife. So for my design the themes are:

• Perspective – with the change in height.
• Observation – Platform allows for users to look down and around for wildlife observations.
• Habitation – beneath the structure could act as a potential habitat.

After meeting with the group today the general reactions to the design I have come up with seems very positive and there’s potential for my design to be included in the final design. What the group have started to look at now is how the individual projects can be joined so that one final group concept design can be brought forward. To further develop my idea more, we have decided to join my platform with another member’s idea of succession, so that my bridge would become encased in planting making it slightly hidden but to also create the illusion that its part of the landscape. All members have tasks which we need to accomplish for next week, of which most tasks are to develop the designs into a finalised design and to start thinking about how the projects could be joined together, as well as looking at potential site layouts.

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